While homeowners or property owners often do not want or need to take off trees from their properties, some trees create safety or property risks, calling for immediate removal. Sadly, cutting down the tree does not conclude the removal process. You must then choose what to do about the stump.

Removing the leftovers of a tree is often the best decision, but that still leaves you with the option of complete tree stump removal or grinding. For some individuals, keeping the end is possibly a good option, but some precautions are essential to avoid additional property damage or loss.

Depending on the situation and tree, stump grinding may be the suitable and more affordable option. Not every Arborists in Texas offers stump grinding, but those with a devoted stump grinder can cut away all the hassle and high costs related to removing the last of a chopped tree. 

What you do with the remaining tree is up to you, but knowing the process and the risk is important for making an informed decision.

Difference between stump removal and stump grinding

Stump removal is a difficult and demanding task that takes a huge amount of time, equipment, and manpower.

Stump removal by a professional Tree Services in Austin, Texas, is a process of extracting the stump with the roots still attached to it.

It is a problem as you do not know how much distance the roots have spread out. It can be a few inches or across the yard, making it difficult to know the exact area. A Tree arborist requires high force use and heavy-duty equipment for the process. They also need to be highly professional and experienced to prevent churning up the entire property to take out the stump with the entire root system. Thus, most property owners pursue complete stump removal with Tree Removal in Austin, TX, while clearing the building or infrastructure, where aesthetics will not matter much. 

On the other hand, stump grinding is more manageable for the property owners to accept as it does not involve complete root removal by specialized Tree Services.

In the stump grinding process, a professional Tree Removal Service in Austin, Texas, will grind the entire stump and shave the remaining till it is gone.

This process will leave a hole in the ground, but it is much less massive if you select stump removal. Stump grinding takes out the entire stump with sawdust as the residue. The primary advantage of this process is to grind the stump to the desired height. The grinding can be 12 inches underground or 1 inch above the soil. 

The grounded stump eventually and slowly mix with the soil. It will also level the ground and thus eliminate the necessity of additional filling. However, if the stump gets infected with honey fungus, you should go for a Webworm treatment and dispose of the residual sawdust and mulch. Otherwise, the remaining grinding dust can kill other perennial plants’ roots. 

Most people prefer stump grinding over removal for various reasons, as it is much easier to execute. The specialists will require only the basic efficient tool for Tree trimming for stump grinding. Stump removal leaves the entire property messy, but grinding offers a higher level of environmental friendliness and neatness. 

Importance of extracting the tree stumps

Eliminating the tree stump is significant for proper maintenance by an expert Tree Services company. If you are still considering why to go for stump removal or grinding process, the below advantages will help in this decision.

  • Proper growth of the trees

Leaving any unattended stump will deteriorate other tree growth near it. Also, the stump will strip the surrounding plants of their necessary nutrients, causing them to wither or die. Thus, the top Arborists in Austin, TX, always suggest eliminating them by completely removing or grinding the stump.

  • Safety

Stumps are exceptionally hazardous to people, and accidents can happen frequently. Small children stumble over them while playing. Stump is also responsible for damaging the costly appliances of the company visiting your property for Dead branch removal or pruning services. 

  • Diseases

Insects like beetles, termites, and carpenter ants are related to decayed tree stumps. These insects and pests are a concern for the environment, other trees, and your home. Additionally, untreated stumps harbor fungi disease and can cause various illnesses in your home. 

  • Aesthetics

A tree is a perfect enhancement for any house, but a stump will create an adverse effect. Tree stumps with molds or weeds growing near them can affect the aesthetic of your property and can be an eye sore to your guests. 

Which process to go for: stump removal or grinding?

After considering all the advantages and disadvantages of stump grinding and removal, both processes are suitable for different situations.

The stump removal process involves lifting up the large tree stump and then excavating all the tree’s widespread roots. This is a time-consuming, arduous job requiring powerful tools. The positive aspect? After stump removal, you’re left with a fresh spot open to any new ideas you have for your landscape. Unfortunately, stump removal results in a large hole that can be an eyesore until it’s sealed or filled in.

Stump grinding is much less rigorous. In this situation, arborists use a machine to completely shave the stump into small woodchips. Even though grinding is much more efficient than stump removal, still, it does leave the tree’s roots after. If the stump is big, the chip pile formed can also be quite huge, but the chips can be utilized as mulch for other plants in your landscape.

Contact your local Arborists in Texas for removing or grinding a stump

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