Even though spring and summer are considered the seasons when a lot of attention is given to landscaping, winter too can be very favorable to your landscaping plans. Extreme winter conditions may make for potentially undesirable circumstances, but the advantages of winter pruning are worth it.

In the cold months, the arborists recommend taking exceptional care of trees and shrubs. Especially Texas trees are weak during the winter, and taking proper care of them is critical to keep them healthy and alive.

One of the best practices to protect trees during the winter is to perform a tree trimming service. Trimming and pruning can yield many benefits for both you and your trees. Fortunately, winter tree care can be easy with a certified arborist on your side. From trimming to inspecting trees and treating them for insects and diseases- a tree company can handle everything.

This blog post mentions the benefits of winter tree trimming in Texas to keep your trees healthy and prepared for the new season.

Improves tree health

The most significant benefit of winter tree pruning in Austin, TX, is that trees are dormant during this period. Dormancy is a course in which there is no active growth due to adverse cold conditions. For trees, this is a way to survive the unfavorable and damaging conditions brought on by winter, including snow, freezing temperatures, and decreased precipitation.

When trees are in their dormant stage, pruning will not disturb their new growth, as it would during spring or summer. Winter tree trimming and pruning will also help the tree to grow in a healthy structure and avoid any situation leading to complete tree removal.

Additionally, pruning a tree in the winter does not expose it to tree diseases such as Oak Wilt or Dutch Elm. This is because these pathogens are also dormant in the cold months.  

Also, pruning a tree during the dormant stage enables a healthy recovery of the pruned areas before the growth of new branches and leaves in the spring.

Providing care to your trees during the winter can yield numerous benefits in spring. Reach out for professional tree trimming in Austin, TX, to determine how to prune your trees to achieve the best results. 

Easy to trim in winter

Another benefit of winter tree trimming and pruning is that the trees have already lost most of their leaves by winter. Therefore, there is no hindrance in identifying which branches to prune, making the job much easier. Additionally, an arborist can quickly identify the dead or diseased branch and remove it from the tree in winter.

The winter freeze makes the ground solid. Therefore, the heavy-duty equipment used for trimming or pruning will not affect the base as much as when the service is done in the spring or summer months. 

Further, the professionals for tree trimming and pruning in Austin, TX, can easily position the aerial devices, such as cherry pickers, and move comfortably among the branches. This smooth access to the branches makes the work much faster and more convenient.

Contact an Austin tree removal professional to help decide whether or not a tree needs dead branch removal to boost the overall health of a tree.

Safe for you, your trees, and your property

Winter pruning can also ensure that you and your property are free from any danger due to trees in your yard. If you do not remove dead or damaged branches, they can cause harm during extreme weather conditions.

Strong winds or storms in winter can cause weak branches to break off, potentially damaging your home and surroundings. Additionally, a weak tree branch can injure you and your family. Therefore, removing such potentially dangerous branches in winter is much recommended to bring you peace of mind throughout the year. 

Winter tree trimming and pruning will promote new growth and allow the tree to use its nutrients more efficiently. Hence, the tree will grow stronger and less sensitive to extreme weather damage later in the year.

Important Note on Tree Types

While it is easier to shape trees in winter, some trees and shrubs will not benefit from trimming as much as others. Species that flower very early during the spring, such as certain Cornaceae plants, often begin to unfold their buds during the winter. Pruning this new growth during the winter can set the tree back and delay new growth.

Consult a professional arborist in Austin, TX, to understand the pruning and trimming process, timing, and technique.

Quality Winter Tree Trimming Services in Austin, TX

There are multiple benefits to pruning your landscaping trees during the winter. With careful forethought and attention, you can see stunning results from winter trimming in spring.

If you live in Texas and want to take care of your home or business tree trimming and shrub pruning needs, contact the professionals at AJ Tree Services. We travel anywhere in Texas for your tree service requirements.