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Are trees growing closer to your home’s or business’s roof threatening costly roof damage? If so, our expert team at AJ Tree Services can be of assistance. We offer roof and structure clearing services to keep trees and their branches at a safe distance from your property.

Roof clearing is necessary to keep your house or business out of harm’s way from debris, or nearby trees, or from branches growing on or near these structures. Strong winds or storms can cause these branches to run into nearby structures shattering windows, roof and causing other life and material damage. Getting rid of tree branches close to your home and business will also decrease the growth of mold and mildew.

Tree branches that grow close to your roof also encourage the probabilities of infestation due to rats, ants, squirrels and raccoons to name a few. 

We offer roof and structure clearance services to cut off branches and other tree debris that has piled up on your roof so you can relax knowing that your roof is safe from damage from storms or other dangers. We also offer tree trimming and pruning of trees to safeguard from breakage due to strong winds, storms and other hazards.

Protecting Your Roof & Safety with a Safe Distance from Trees and limbs

Trees are alive, and they are continuously growing, which can cause safety issues as the branches get closer or cover your property’s roof. Our extremely skilled team can take away any trees that come in contact with the top of a home or business.

Safe clearance consists of pruning trees to prevent damage to structures by contact with tree limbs. Where feasible, live oak limbs are pruned to 3′ from any construction, and other tree species will be pruned as far back as 4′.

This allows enough space between trees and structures that, with normal growth, the procedure should not need repeating for at least three years. We recommend removing dangerous limbs above your roof and clearing your roof from limbs 2-6 feet back to remove the highway for rodents, to prevent damage of shingles & scratching in wind, & to increase the longevity of your roof.

Our friendly and skilled crew is happy to get rid of all tree debris from your roof. We believe this is crucial for the health and safety of your home or business and your trees. Trees should not surround or wrap over buildings or houses. It’s not recommended for the tree or the building or home.

Save Money with Roof Clearing by AJ Tree Services’ Specialists

At AJ Tree Services, we help you save money on expensive roof repairing by timely removing trees that have reached the roof of your home or business. Tree branches can set off holes in your roof, scratch shingles which can cause water and mold damage that will eventually need costly repairs. Roof clearance should be thought of as a way to save money on roof repairs.

Contact us for a well-timed tree cutting and trimming service to make a safe distance between your trees and your roof and structures. Cutting off trees and limbs is much more within your means than paying the high price of roof damage and repair. If you have tree branches on the top of your home or business, don’t delay! Call us for quick, reliable, and affordable tree services.

Why Choose AJ Tree Services?

If you have trees growing over your home or business, then it’s time to call AJ Tree Services. Our professional tree trimming company will remove the limbs that may cause damage if they were to fall or break. We’ve been providing specialist tree services such as tree trimming and complete tree removal to Austin and all of Texas for over 16 years.

When we offer roof and structure clearing services, our skilled tree climbers will climb the tree with proper and professional ropes and harnesses. When they take their position, they tie off those extra tree branches in a way to assure no property damage. Our tree specialists will make cuts to the safe areas of the tree that are to be trimmed or removed and cautiously drop those limbs to the ground safeguarding that there are no pits made in your lawn or landscape.

We are just a call away!

Whether it’s an emergency tree service like tree removal, or if you’re looking for preventive tree maintenance, you can have AJ Tree Services provide you secure, reasonably priced, and high-quality service. If you have a roof and structure clearing requirement for your trees and home, contact us right away for a free estimate today!

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with this and all of our services. When it comes to trees, AJ Tree Service has you covered.

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