Customized Deep Root Fertilization Service in Austin, TX and beyond

Look after your trees to be strong and beautiful or bring them back to good health with deep root fertilization.

Deep root fertilization is a professional course of action where an excellent quality organic nutrient solution, better known as a fertilizer, is injected into the ground right in the root zone of trees. Fertilizer is extremely beneficial for a tree’s health as it has all the essential macronutrients, micronutrients, and important trace minerals that are injected under pressure in the soil which helps aerate the root system.

Deep Root Fertilization for trees and shrubs can increase their growth rate, improve the color of the foliage, better fight off pests, and it also mitigates the stress from storms, construction and other damage.

The main nutrient used in the growth of trees is nitrogen, and with other macro-nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium not usually deficient in our soils, fertilization activities usually focus on the addition of nitrogen as a supplement, or to otherwise improve tree growth.

However, some trees may be faced with deficiencies in micro-nutrients, such as iron or magnesium, which may be corrected either directly through adding the specific nutrient, or indirectly through modifying soil characteristics such as soil acidity.

At AJ Tree Services we provide free estimates for our deep root fertilization. If you want your neighbors to be jealous of your beautiful and healthy tree in early fall when it still has its leaves and theirs does not, we vouch for this! If you want your tree to be the first in the spring to have its leaves, we recommend this! This, of course, is the best-known treatment, and for any tree disease, we cannot guarantee the result. We do recommend watering your trees before and after any treatments.

How Can the Experts at AJ Tree Services Help?

AJ Tree Services is a professional tree service company providing Arboriculture Services like tree removal, tree trimming, and emergency tree services in Austin, Texas. For Deep Root Fertilization we have skilled and experienced, specialized arborists who will visit your home or business to provide a full initial review of your tree and soil condition to understand what is wrong with your trees and what we can do to help them grow strong, healthy and beautiful.

We understand that each tree has a unique condition and requirement and so we do not use a general “fix it all” fertilizer. With over 16 years of tree expertise, AJ Tree Services learned a lot about soil conditions in Texas, that helped us to take on a special fertilizing composition that is established to work the best for trees.

Deep root fertilization is a specific type of fertilizer application technique used to help bring back trees that are struggling or showing symptoms of decay like:

  • Defoliation – when a tree starts losing its leaves
  • Slow or negligible growth
  • Smaller and fewer leaves than normal
  • Leaves falling or premature changing of color to yellow-brown
  • Faded leaves, such as yellow or pale leaves

Our experts use high-pressure specialist equipment to inject a mix of energy nutrients and organic substances into the soil near your trees’ roots.

If we consider liquid fertilizer for a tree then we inject it roughly 5 inches deep in the soil where most of a tree’s feeder roots are located. To make certain that all segments of the root zone get sufficient nutrients, we generally inject in a grid pattern all over the area under the tree canopy and sometimes even further than that depending on the tree species, health, and surrounding environment.

When and How Often Should You Fertilize Trees?

If there is an emergency then deep root fertilization can be applied in spring and summer. But generally, it is done in early fall so that the tree can absorb the essential nutrients before winter when the tree isn’t stressed by extreme heat and less moisture.

Our arborists may suggest increasing the frequency of applications and/or an additive if we notice severe root damage, soil compaction, or other health problems.

In general, one or two deep root fertilization programs per year will keep the tree healthy for a long time.

DIY Fertilization or Professional Deep Root Fertilization?

If you are an avid gardener, you may consider fertilizing your own trees. However, a basic fertilizer that you spread on your tree will not penetrate the soil to reach the roots. It will not have the long-term results of a deep root fertilization treatment done by a certified tree care expert.

Moreover, granular fertilizers can be swept away by rain or wind, making them useless and may also trigger run-off problems in water streams.

On the other hand, deep root fertilization by a professional will put the nutrients in the root zone, right where the tree needs them and, in such a manner, that’s much more easily absorbed by the tree. So, you’ll see the results faster and clearer.

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If the trees around your property do not look as healthy as they should, contact AJ Tree Services for an examination. Our arborists can identify the problem and decide whether deep root fertilization would be a good decision to help enhance the overall health and appearance of your tree.

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