Residential and Commercial Canopy and Sidewalk Raising Services in Austin, TX, and beyond

AJ Tree Services has been providing comprehensive tree services in all of Texas for 16 years. Our professional and skilled tree removal and tree trimming in Austin, TX, has helped many homes and business owners to keep their trees healthy, strong, and beautiful.

As a part of our tree trimming and pruning services, we provide Canopy and Sidewalk Raising services, to clear your yard, sidewalk, and property so when people visit you, they can come in straight without having to bend to come to your front door.

Elevate your tree’s canopy to give your property a well-cared-for, and aesthetic appearance, safety, and convenience are the added advantages.

Canopy Raising, Thinning & Reduction

AJ Tree Services offers crown cleaning, crown thinning and, canopy raising services to Austin TX, and the surrounding areas to ensure all the residential and commercial property owners can protect their investment with our skilled tree trimming & pruning services.

Canopy raising is usually done to clear roads, buildings, or sidewalks of any obstructions caused by lower or hanging tree limbs. We selectively remove sagging and drooping branches to provide vertical clearance so as to give clearance on the right-of-way, structures (by keeping pests out of them), yards, sidewalks, and aesthetics.

Our certified arborists have the proper experience and skills to provide the best tree care in Austin, TX. At AJ Tree Services we like to start the process of canopy raising early and proactively on younger trees, then regularly continue with this process to train the trees to slow down their growth.

AJ Tree Service’s tree doctors and other crew members can evaluate and recommend to decide if crown density reduction is essential, how much reduction is required, and the suitable time to perform the lifting. Contact us if you are looking for canopy raising services in Texas.

Sidewalk Raising as per City Recommended Heights

In Texas, different locations have different recommendations when it comes to the minimum height requirements for sidewalk raising. For instance, the city recommended requirements for sidewalk raising in Austin, TX are 14 feet high to ensure the big trucks don’t remove your trees.

Our tree care crew is well equipped with the requirements for each location in Texas so that you get a clean and safe sidewalk or street raising when you call us for help.

We get it right the first time, and we do not receive any payments from clients until we’re done with the job. Contact our experienced professionals for total satisfaction.

What difference does Canopy Lifting or Canopy Raising make?

Canopy raising may seem to be a relatively uncomplicated process, but it is incredibly important to most of the urban and commercial properties.

In some scenarios, tree canopy raising may not be essential. For instance, think about your favorite park. Does it have long shady trees with dense low branches that cool you down on those hot, Texas summer days? Perhaps yes!

But in city areas, low-hanging tree branches can create problems for people, property, and assets. At AJ Tree Services we help your property look good while making your trees strong and healthy.

Commercial and residential properties with sagging limbs often look messy, and at AJ Tree Services that’s the last thing we want for our client’s properties. Lifting the tree canopy also lets a tree grow healthier and faster because then more light is able to pass under the tree.

We choose to ensure that this is part of our tree services in Austin, TX for more than just looks, though. It’s also important for safety reasons. While working on tree trimming on your property allows us to inspect the safety and access to footpaths and streets for pedestrians and vehicles. Tree canopy lifting also keeps the branches out of the way of blocking vision, buildings, driveways, and more.

Crown raising is also essential to carry out right before the storm season, because, those big, hanging, saggy and overall, much weaker tree limbs are more susceptible to snapping, cracking, breaking, or falling off the tree during strong winds and bad weather making it much more hazardous for your property.

Why AJ Tree Services to Thin Your Trees?

At AJ Tree Services our goal is to provide the best tree services in Texas and the best customer service every single time. That inspires the way we answer each call, the practices we follow, and the amount of hands-on experience we need in our tree specialists.

Clients turn to AJ Tree Services because we:

  • Do not make our clients wait and assure timely arrivals
  • Provide transparent and upfront prices
  • Inspect your trees and provide free estimates
  • Have professional skills
  • Are licensed and insured
  • Have all the essential equipment
  • Provide polite and friendly service

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