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What is Ball Moss and is it bad?

Ball mosses are circular photosynthesizes, that appear to be grey-green, ranging in size from a golf ball to a soccer ball. It is usually found attached to tree branches, fences, and telephone wires. Ball moss is not actually moss, in fact, it is believed to be a plant as it flowers and produces seeds. These small seeds are carried by the wind until they spread on a tree branch. They attach to the area and grow pseudo-roots that bond with the bark of the tree.

Since the moss is not taking any nutrients from the tree, it is not a parasite like mistletoe. Ball moss grows well in trees or in areas with low light, little airflow, and high humidity, which is commonly provided by southern shade trees, such as Live Oaks. Actually, it is just a matter of time before ball moss grows on sick trees. These dead or dying tree branches have in fact been spoiled by adverse environmental conditions rather than the ball moss.

Ball moss will aggravate the moisture and low sunlight to these branches making the decay much faster. By taking care of ball moss, you will also be preventing complete tree removal or dead branch removal as you’re taking the initiative to control the tree damage.

While ball moss isn’t necessarily bad for the tree, it can look ugly. Removing ball moss is no walk in the park though. Read to learn how the tree experts at AJ Tree Services get rid of ball moss.

How does AJ Tree Services Get rid of Ball Moss?

At AJ Tree Services ball moss is typically removed by hand. Other ways our tree experts remove this moss are with a high-pressure water spray, with a fungicide that contains copper, which we have not found to work, or by spraying a mixture of baking soda on your tree to slow down the attachment. The spread of ball moss has become a significant problem, destroying local trees by thousands of hectares.

If your tree branches are declining then we may also suggest tree trimming services as to boost the chances of the infested tree’s healthy growth. Depending on the environmental conditions where your tree is growing, we would also advise canopy raising or thinning to let more sunlight reach the tree and a better environment for it to breathe. Thereby, reducing the circumstances that attract ball moss growth.

Ball moss is generally present in Central Texas, typically in Live Oak trees. While all identify that it is not a parasite like mistletoe (also widely prevalent in Central Texas), it can burden the branches of a tree. It is often understood to be a precursor of a tree’s death as the ball moss will develop on the dead and dying limbs. It is air-born, so very tough to completely cut off from all your trees. If your neighbors still have it, then you will most likely get it again.

Mistletoe Removal in Austin, TX, and surrounding areas

To make sure your trees grow healthy, and stay strong and tall, AJ Tree Services can also help property owners with mistletoe removal. Unlike Ball Moss, Mistletoe is a parasite, and it thrives off the host tree of its energy-rich nutrients and water.

Different from ball moss, mistletoe can spread on a completely healthy tree. If you see mistletoe growing on your trees, it’s time to call AJ Tree Services. We will implement one of two things for its removal. We will remove the mistletoe physically by hand if there is no visible damage to the infested tree limbs.

Or, if the tree is deteriorating because of a mistletoe infection then we would most likely recommend tree trimming or in severe conditions, complete tree removal.

Mistletoe can spread to other trees and form colonies, presenting the need for Mistletoe removal services in Austin, TX. Even though this may not significantly harm the host tree, it can multiply, causing bigger damage. With our Mistletoe removal in Austin, TX, we ensure to get rid of the entire plant—roots and all—to safeguard it will not come back.

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We certainly do not just show up and start chopping off your infected trees. We inspect your tree thoroughly and then consider tree trimming or pruning services to save the tree, if possible. We only apply extreme measures if we have thought through that there is no way to save the tree and tree removal is the only option.

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