Professional Dead Branch Removal in Texas

Dead, diseased, and broken wood can be eliminated at any time of year. Our arborists can inspect your trees or shrubs during routine trimming and pruning and suggest if a branch should be removed for healthy growth of the plants.

Reasons to remove a dead tree branch

Many events can cause dead branches, which can lead to accidents and additional harm to your property; that’s why dead branch removal in Austin, Texas, is very significant. Your tree could have a disease, could have been spoiled in a storm, and even from shortage of sunlight.

Below are several other explanations why you should remove dead tree branches.

  • Dead trees attract pests that may multiply and start infesting other trees.
  • Dead trees are not appealing which may affect the resale value of your home.
  • It is more cost-effective to remove before it falls because there will be no attached costs of repairs or medication in case of injuries.
  • It could be contagious risking your entire landscape.
  • It could fall over and cause serious damages.

No matter the reason behind your dead branches, get in touch with us for expert dead branch removal in Austin, TX.

Why Choose AJ Tree Services for Dead Branch Removal?

Dead tree branches are not only a blot on the landscape—they can delay the growth of healthy branches on a tree.

However, getting rid of dead branches isn’t as simple as it seems. Improper methods can cause damage to the entire tree. That’s why choosing the in- house experts at AJ Tree Services is a good idea to remove these branches efficiently. We have over 16 years of experience in expert tree services in Austin, TX and surrounding areas.

Here’s what makes us stand out in the removal of dead tree branches.

Thorough Inspection to Identify the Dead Tree Branches

The arborists at AJ Tree Services don’t jump right into chopping off the branches. Instead, we take time to examine the tree closely so that we know exactly which branches need to be removed. We only remove the branches that are damaged or diseased, without causing harm to healthy branches.

We closely examine the bark to see if it should be removed or not. If we find any fungal growth, completely brown branches without any green spots underneath, leaf-less branches, and branches without any bark then we make a carefully thought decision to cut off the dead branch to prevent further infestation and damage.

Also, our tree experts are extra careful if the tree is located near power lines or houses to carefully remove a dead branch without compromising safety.

Proper Cuts to not Adversely Impact the Rest of the Tree

At AJ Tree Services we do not randomly cut off the dead branches. We use a trained series of cuts to clear the dead branches.

We start at the lowest end of a dead branch to ensure that the bark doesn’t tear apart when we make other cuts. Further, we follow it up by making a relief cut, that is, a cut outside the notch before trimming the dead branch. An improper relief cut can harm the trunk and make it susceptible to many diseases.

Then we make a final cut on the branch collar with utmost care as this is where most people go wrong and end up removing the branch collar, causing tree rot and the death of the complete tree.

Right Equipment for Removing the Dead Tree Branches

There are no alternatives for the right tools for chopping off the dead tree branches. So, we only use suitable tools to safeguard proper cuts and correct removal of the branches.

We also give our tools a good wash with a disinfectant to prevent the spread of disease when using the same equipment for a different tree.

Correct Methods for a Healthy Tree Growth

Our tree doctors are extremely mindful of the methods we use for removing dead tree branches. We take extra care while removing the branches nestled inside the tree along with the dead branches, as it can result in breakage. One wrong cut on the top of a tree while removing the dead branches, can cause structural imbalance and can topple the tree completely.

Our arborists understand that removing leaves from healthy branches while getting rid of the dead tree branches, can make the rest of the tree more disposed to wind damage. Therefore, we are thoughtful and alert of the methods we use while getting rid of a dead branch.

Contact AJ Tree Services for Safe Removal of a Dead Branch

Utilizing incorrect tools, equipment, or techniques for removing dead tree branches can cause your tree to become weak and even dying. A DIY or an unprofessional approach may end up in risking your safety and of those around you. An improper cut could unexpectedly cause a branch crashing down.

Pruning is a highly accomplished job and understanding the art of dealing with different types of equipment is also not easy. That’s where AJ Tree Services in Austin, TX, can help. Our team of skilled, licensed and insured arborists can ensure the safe removal of dead branches without causing any additional damage to the tree or putting you in harm’s way. So don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as you spot a dead branch in your area.