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For the last 17 years, AJ Tree Services has provided comprehensive landscaping, tree trimming, and other tree services in Driftwood, TX, and the surrounding areas. Our arborists have extensive knowledge to serve you professionally from start to finish. 

At AJ Tree Services, we aim to provide quality, inexpensive and personalized tree solutions for excellent customer satisfaction. Our staff consists of Certified Arborists and qualified crew members that work together to provide quality work in this industry.

With the help of our skilled arborists providing tree services in Driftwood, Texas, we offer a broad choice of options to enhance your home and yard. 

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Creative Tree Service

From tree removal to shrub treatments, we’re committed to helping yards in Driftwood, Texas, realize their full potential. Our decades of experience have enabled us to design the most creative tree service solutions. No tree job is too big or too small for us, so call us right away at 512 293-8596 if you need skilled tree services in Driftwood, TX.

Tree Removal by Professionals

Removing a huge tree may be a lot more work than most people expect. Our professionals take the difficult task of tree removal by leaving no apparent evidence that you had a tree problem in the first place.

Whether you want to protect the aesthetic value of your property or just prevent trees from harming structures, our skilled crew is here to assist you.

From little trees/shrubs to extremely huge trees, AJ Tree Services gives the best tree cutting service in Driftwood, TX! Don’t want it? Then, let us haul it out for you!

Cleaning And Removal of All Trees

It is best to get a diseased, dead, or troublesome tree on your property removed before it causes significant harm. Unfortunately, most homeowners know very little about safe tree removal. 

Many aspects are involved, and there are various methods for removing a tree, each of which needs the use of specialized equipment and procedures. At AJ Tree Services’ complete tree clean-up and removal service in Driftwood, Texas, we walk you through every step of the process so you can make an informed decision.

Call AJ Tree Services for rapid, expert, and quality emergency tree service in Driftwood, TX. We are certified and insured to work on your trees rather than merely on the ground.

Trimming and Pruning of Trees and Shrubs in Residential and Commercial Settings

Tree Pruning & Shrub Trimming is required throughout the year at various periods and for specific reasons in Texas.

Pruning trees correctly produce stronger, healthier trees that are less susceptible to climatic damage and disease. We provide you with our tree and shrub trimming and pruning service around Driftwood, Texas, to make your trees and plants even better than they were before.

Roof & Structure Clearing Tree Service

Trees are a beautiful and natural source of shade. For hot, bright days, the way the branches wrap across the entire yard and even the house is ideal. However, as much as you like the shade provided by tree branches, their reach might become excessive. 

This occurs when tree branches grow too close to your building’s roof. Although this may appear to be a minor inconvenience, you should have some caution as a property owner.

Because this is such a hazardous landscaping chore, especially when it is done near your home you should leave it to the pros. AJ Tree Services is always ready to help you with any trimming or roof and structure clearing in Driftwood, TX.

Raising your Canopy and the Sidewalk

Are your trees and bushes overgrown, vying for sunshine, and obstructing your view? We assist with tree pruning to promote the health and structure of the trees by raising their canopies. In addition, we clip your healthy bushes and completely remove the diseased trees to improve the appearance and appeal of your landscape.

When you’ve realized that canopy raising and sidewalk raising in Driftwood, Texas, is what you need, AJ Tree Services is always at your service.

Removal of Dead Branches

Tree branches rot and die all the time. Even though the trunk and the remainder of the canopy are in good condition, one or more branches may have already passed. Consequently, you may be thinking about whether to trim dead branches or leave them alone.

While tree branches might die for several reasons, trimming them is virtually always an advantage. Our expert arborists remove the dead tree branches to regenerate new branches in their place. Take our fast and professional service for Dead branch removal in Driftwood, Texas. We strive to take the best possible care of your trees and your property. Our tree service teams will pay special attention to limiting disturbance and property damage.

Ball Moss & Mistletoe Eradication

Ball moss and mistletoe have spread across hundreds of acres of native Texas trees, posing a significant threat. We are committed to ensuring your tree is not part of these statistics.

We have done our research and work hard at AJ Tree Services to guarantee that ball moss and mistletoe removal is done correctly the first time. 

Ball moss and mistletoe are invasive organisms that may reappear and intensify the damage if left unchecked. To preserve the health and safety of the trees that surround your property, contact us immediately for all ball moss and mistletoe removal in Driftwood, Texas.

Fertilization Of The Deep Roots

For individuals concerned about their trees’ long-term health and vitality, deep root tree fertilization (DRF) offers several advantages. First, it can play a significant role in your total tree maintenance. It also promotes the thickness of secondary roots and the development and depth of fine roots, all of which contribute to your trees’ general health and lifespan.

AJ Tree Services combine expertise and experience to correctly inject nutrients into the soil around the roots of your trees utilizing professional instruments and techniques. We carefully analyze the depth and distance between fertilizer injection points when we offer deep root fertilization in Driftwood, Texas. For a free estimate, give us a call now.

Preventing and Treating Webworm

We utilize Mauget injections, which are like a shot for your tree, to treat a webworm infestation in your trees. This is a highly effective and safe webworm treatment since the worms will die from consuming the tree.

It is not dangerous to pets or children. Use our webworm treatment in Driftwood, Texas, to protect the environment while also getting rid of the webworm.

Oak Wilt Treatment

Texas oak wilt is a tree disease concerning live oaks and red oaks in Central Texas. One of our many fortes is oak wilt removal. With a diagnostic checkup and treatment choices for your trees, let our professional arborist put your worries to rest. Our oak wilt treatment in Driftwood, Texas, helps you with the treatment for oak. You’re in the right hands; AJ Tree Services has got you covered. Contact us for a complete description of our Oak Wilt Removal services by calling at 512- 293-8596

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