Top Rated Tree Service in Dripping Springs, TX

A healthy, grown tree adds beauty and value to your property, but taking care of your tree is a long-term investment and commitment. Tree maintenance involves several different practices, each of critical importance. Some need professional’s help to get it done the right way. 

Here’s where AJ Tree Services come to help.

We are a full-service tree company in Austin, TX, with over 17 years of industry knowledge and experience. At AJ Tree Services, we are passionate about our customers’ trees. We are committed to giving professional care and quality to our clients. Our focus is to provide beautiful, high-quality tree services in Dripping Springs, Texas, and improve the neighborhood.

You can rely on our honest and compassionate workforce, who makes sure that your project is completed safely and correctly. We don’t sugar-coat anything.

AJ Tree Services offers a comprehensive variety of tree care services. Our trained arborists in Dripping Springs and the surrounding metropolitan region are the best choice for certified arbor care. We go above and beyond to take the best possible care of your trees and your property.

When a tree develops a condition that puts people or property in danger, it’s critical to treat the problem as quickly as possible to avoid an incident or harm. Hazardous trees may cause significant damage to your house, company, property, and people.

Please take a peek at some of the tree services we offer to each of our Dripping Springs, TX clients.

Specialists Tree Service Professionals

We take pleasure in being specialists in providing professional tree care from start to finish, and we can provide you with a free evaluation for your specific scenario. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of expert, low-cost tree services, including more than just tree care and management. We also offer ball moss removal, mistletoe removal, and oat wilt treatment. After looking at your property, our Dripping Springs, TX arborists will examine the best course of action for your desired result. 

Fast, Professional Tree Clean-up and Removal

Our Dripping Springs tree removal teams come fully equipped to remove your tree safely and quickly, no matter the size or species. We secure and manage large and dangerous limbs to wholly and safely remove your tree. We’re trained, licensed, and insured to execute the tree removal process without harming your property efficiently.

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Tree Trimming

The removal of dead, decaying, and unwanted limbs from a tree to eliminate risks, increase visual appeal, and stimulate healthy growth is known as tree pruning. AJ Tree Services employs time-tested techniques such as dead wooding, canopy thinning, low limb lifting, and canopy reduction. If you need tree trimming in Dripping Springs, TX, get in touch with us right away at (512) 293-8596.

Emergency Tree Removal

When storms damage trees, tear off branches, or bring entire trees down, dealing with the removal or pruning of these trees can be difficult.

At AJ Tree Services, all essential removal or pruning is done safely, with the least risk of subsequent property damage.

Contact us at 512- 293-8596 for your emergency tree removal in Dripping Springs, TX.

Professional Tree Pruning by Certified Arborists

Big or small, young or old, AJ Tree Service has the proficiency and expertise to keep your trees looking their best. AJ Tree Services’ certified arborists are ready to talk with you about the best tree management practices for your trees in Dripping Springs, TX. 

Our professional arborists understand that each tree is unique and that different forms of maintenance will have varied results. 

With a few exceptions, tree pruning for routine maintenance can be done at any time in this region. Contact us to provide you with an estimate and set up a meeting time to work together to develop healthy trees for tree trimming and pruning in Dripping Springs, TX.

Roof Clearing and Structure Clearing

You should remove dangerous tree limbs over your roof immediately. Safe clearance of your property by pruning trees to avoid damage to structures caused by contact with tree branches should be an urgent priority. We specialize in tackling all of these and more during our roof and structure clearing in Dripping Springs, TX.

Sidewalks and Canopy Raising

Along with our tree trimming services in Dripping Springs, TX, we can clear your yard, sidewalk, and property, so guests don’t have to bend down to come to your front door. So, raise it, and give your property an adequately cared for, great-looking, full canopy with AJ Tree Services.

In parking lots or driveways, canopies are generally raised to approximately 12′ above ground, wherever possible, to provide vehicle clearance. We may grow trees over walkways as per the client’s specifications. Canopies over city roads are raised to at least 14′ per city regulations. Contact us to get professional, and city recommended levels of canopy raising and sidewalk raising tree service in Dripping Springs, TX.

Get Rid of Ball Moss

Ball Moss is a type of organism that is invasive and works slowly to affect a tree’s health adversely. It can cause severe issues to any trees on your property or in your neighborhood. In addition, ball moss can weaken your tree and speed up the aging process. However, with AJ Tree Services’ professional and timely trimming and pruning, you can eliminate it and ensure it does not appear unattractive.

At AJ Tree services, we’ve done our homework. We work hard to ensure ball moss removal in Dripping Springs, TX, is managed correctly the first time around. While ball moss can return, the threat can worsen if left unchecked. Call us today to secure the health and safety of the trees around your home.

Dead Branch Removal

Dead branches serve as an appealing home for burrowing insects and promote disease growth in your trees. Therefore, removing dead branches as soon as possible helps decrease insect infestations and disease production. 

At AJ Tree Services, we use the correct equipment and procedures while trimming dead branches to guarantee that your tree and property are not harmed throughout the process.

We can assist you if you need a dead branch tree removal service in Dripping Springs, TX. Our experts can handle all of your branch removal requirements.

Prevention Of Oak Wilt

The oak wilt fungus mainly affects red and live oaks in Texas. Initially, the tree’s leaves will turn brown or fall off, and if left untreated, the tree will die soon. This problem is carried via tree roots and some types of insects, and it may be destructive to oak trees in Dripping Springs.

Because this condition is so prevalent, AJ Tree Services oak wilt treatment in Dripping Springs, TX, is to help curb its spread to your oak. We use proper pruning techniques, paint wounds, and disinfect tools to treat your tree from oak wilt disease.

Get your Tree Problems Solved by a Professional Tree Service Company in Dripping Springs, TX

At AJ Tree Services, we work to improve the beauty and health of your trees while providing exceptional service at a reasonable price. We are excited to offer you our expert and high-quality tree trimming, pruning, and removal services. Call us today at (512) 293-8596.