Professional Trees Services in Wimberley, Texas

With our experienced tree services in Wimberley, Texas, AJ Tree Services meets all of your tree care needs. You get certified tree care service from start to finish with us, tailored to your specific needs. In addition, we have highly experienced teams of licensed arborists to get the job done to your satisfaction. 

We provide a wide range of alternatives to beautify your landscape and yard with the assistance of our experienced arborists. Continue reading to discover more about our expert tree services in Wimberley, Texas.

High-Quality Arboricultural Service

AJ Tree Services provides professional arboricultural services in Wimberley, Texas, and the rest of Central Texas. Our tree services ensure your property remains safe and that your trees remain healthy. We offer many tree services in Wimberley, Texas, including tree cutting, tree removal, and emergency tree slean up and removal. Contact us today and know more about our Wimberley tree services.

Professional Tree Cutting

Tree cutting can be quite risky. Chainsaws, ladders, and electrical wires have been identified among the leading causes of accidents and injuries. Aside from your health and safety, you should also consider the health of your trees. AJ Tree Services considers this to ensure a safe tree-cutting service for you.

Complete Tree Clean-Up and Removal

Due to the complications that come with most tree removals, it is often safer when handled by certified and trained arborists like AJ Tree Services. Our tree service team is available at (512) 293-8596 for emergency tree clean-up and removal in Wimberley, Texas.

When we remove trees from your property, we prioritize safety and thoroughness. We use the most up-to-date safety procedures to ensure that no one, including you, our crew, and passer-by, comes to harm. These approaches also allow us to reduce the possibility of damage to your property throughout the removal process. We gladly provide the tree removal service around Wimberley, Texas, whether the tree is dead, alive, or you simply don’t want its presence anymore.

Residential and Commercial Tree & Shrub Trimming and Pruning

Our licensed arborists and other experienced trimming specialists would gladly provide you with our tree and shrub trimming and pruning service in Wimberley, Texas. We work to improve the overall health of your tree, remove dying or dead limbs, and trim branches intruding into places you don’t want them to. In addition, our tree trimming services always follow safety procedures to avoid accidents and damage.

Roof & Structure Clearing 

We can trim your trees to clear your yard, sidewalk, and property, so visitors do not have to duck to get to your front door. We also raise it and provide your property with a well-maintained and attractive complete canopy.

Pruning trees to prevent harm to structures from contact with tree branches is what safe clearance entails. We trim live oak limbs to 3 feet from any building while pruning other species as far back as 4 feet. This leaves enough space between trees and structures, and you will not require repeating the technique for at least three years with normal development. AJ Tree Services covers all your roof and structure clearing in Wimberley, Texas.

Raising your Canopy and the Sidewalk

We focus on providing your property with a well-maintained and attractive complete canopy when you request canopy raising and sidewalk raising in Wimberley, Texas. Call AJ Tree Services to schedule an appointment.

Removal of the Dead Branches 

You can contact us at any time of the year to remove dead, diseased, or damaged timber.

However, the recommended general trimming is in late winter or early spring, just before growth begins. We consider this at AJ Tree Services in providing our services for dead branch removal in Wimberley, Texas, and surrounding counties.

Mistletoe Elimination

AJ Tree Services can also assist with mistletoe removal to guarantee your trees grow robust and tall. Mistletoe, unlike Ball Moss, has a parasitic attachment with the tree that it has selected as its host. As a result, it extracts energy-rich nutrients and water straight from the tree. 

These plants can spread to neighbouring trees and develop colonies, needing mistletoe removal services. Although this may not significantly impact the host tree, it can multiply and damage further. Therefore, our Mistletoe removal service in Wimberley, Texas, includes removing the entire plant to guarantee that it does not reappear.

Removal of Ball Moss

Various species can influence a tree’s development and survival. Unfortunately, some of them are invasive, gradually taking over your host tree. Ball moss is one such species that can harm your trees over time, which is why we provide professional ball moss removal in Wimberley, Texas!

If you are looking for a reliable ball moss and mistletoe removal in Wimberley, Texas, AJ Tree Services can aid you in preventing its spread and safeguarding the trees around you.

Fertilization of the Deep Roots

As a homeowner, you need to maintain your trees with pruning and sometimes removal if they’re dead. But, other times, your trees might need something additional to help them grow and look their best—that’s why we offer deep root fertilization services in Wimberley, TX

Some of the signs your trees need fertilization are:

  • Smaller than usual leaves indicate a lack of nutrients in the soil. 
  • If your tree isn’t growing larger year after year, our tree fertilization services in Wimberley, Texas, can help. 
  • Young trees may also need fertilizer as they require additional nutrients to grow. 
  • Some older trees may need fertilizers to help stimulate new growth.

Give us a call today to get a free estimate for your deep root fertilization or to understand how this service benefits the trees.

Webworm Treatment Service

At AJ Tree Services, we believe that webworm prevention and treatment can be carried out in a less hazardous manner than chemical spraying. So, we use Mauget injections, a closed chemical application system, to significantly reduce the chemical exposure. 

AJ Tree Services’ webworm treatment service in Wimberley, Texas, is not toxic to children, dogs, and other pets. We preserve the environment even as we take care of the webworm.

Oak Wilt Treatment

For oak wilt treatment in Wimberley, TX we use the Alamo Propiconazole Fungicide to attack the Oak Wilt fungus. We will evaluate each infected tree and devise a treatment plan accordingly. Call us right away to schedule an appointment. 

Contact us to get Timely and Reliable Tree Service in Wimberley, TX

Our trained experts and professional arborists work hard to ensure your time and money are well accounted for, saving you from stress and waste of time. You can count on us at AJ Tree Services to deliver you the best tree service. So, give us a call right away to schedule an appointment, and let’s get started.