Emergency Tree Services in Texas

We are locally owned and operated but can travel to where we are needed in Texas. We have helped out in many Texas weather disasters, including the most recent one in Houston. When a tornado came through downtown Austin we were one of the first ones there helping families and the city.

We have a 24-hour emergency line with plenty of information to get the help that you need, in a timely manner. We will always recommend fertilization after a big storm and if many limbs were ripped off of a tree, as this is very traumatizing to a tree and will give it that extra shot that  may need for the storm damage restoration.

What Would Require an Emergency Tree Removal?

Emergencies are not necessarily about safety concerns. Anytime you’re dealing with a limited time window, AJ Tree Services can be there to handle your needs with our friendly and professional approach.

In our 16 years of experience in residential and commercial tree services, we have noticed that there are some situations where an immediate tree removal is essential. Mostly, the need to remove a tree isn’t much visible until something happens like a dead branch falling over or splitting in half. For such situations, it’s imperative to remove the tree as quickly as possible to put a stop to further damage or accidents.

Here are four circumstances when it’s essential to remove a tree immediately:

1.    Sick Trees can be hazardous and should be removed immediately. Not sure if your tree is sick? Call AJ Tree Services, we can help.

2.    Broken Branches may be a sign of a dying or dead tree needing emergency tree removal.

3.    Storm Hit trees call for emergency tree clean-up and removal in Austin, TX. Hurricanes, tornados, rainstorms and windstorms can affect a tree’s canopy, and uproot it and damage it beyond repair.

4.    Leaning Trees, showing cracks, or trees taking on a noticeable angle may be a sign it may fall. In this event, emergency removal may be necessary.

Call AJ Tree Services, your professional and certified tree service near you to have your tree evaluated.

While DIY tree removal may seem attractive, it’s not recommended. Not only is the process time consuming and arduous, you could hurt yourself or others. At AJ Tree Service we provide emergency tree removal to protect you and your property. If you’re in Austin TX and looking for tree removal, call us at +1 512 293 8596

Emergency Tree Clean-up Services

When you hear the scary, yet unmistakable snap of a large tree branch, or you feel the earth shake from an entire tree falling down you know it’s time to clean up the mess. However, in this nightmare scenario the last thing you want to do is to start figuring out how to clear the chaos.

That’s where AJ Tree Services come in. Our friendly, experienced and licensed arborists and other crew members can take care of the mess for you as fast as possible. We can also handle post-storm clean-ups without any hassle.

As we receive your call for emergency tree clean-up, the crew at AJ Tree Services will show up on your property with all the required equipment  to clear and clean your area and leave it looking better than ever.

Emergency Tree Removal, just a call away!

In addition to tree health assessments, tree trimming and pruning, our crews are able to manage any emergency tree removal that you may need in any situation. With a simple call to AJ Tree Services, can have the tree removed and cleaned up from your area in no time.

No tree is too big, too damaged or too difficult for our professional and experienced tree arborists in TX. We come fully prepared and equipped with wood chippers, chainsaws and other state-of-the-art equipment. Followed with our best industry training, we can guarantee that any emergency tree removal is done swiftly, neatly and within affordable rates.

Why Hire AJ Tree Service’s Professional Crew?

Besides the fact that we have 16 years of industry experience, hiring professional arborists like us make the job more convenient, faster, and more effective.

Tree removal and clean-up professionals at AJ Tree Services can handle problems you can’t deal with independently. If a tree falls nearby or on your home, we can remove the tree with minimal additional damage to your property.

In addition to this, if you have other trees that may perhaps be a danger for your property, our tree specialists can conduct corrective tree pruning measures to safeguard your trees and plants from future risks and to ensure they are healthy, strong, and appealing.

Contact AJ Tree Services for high-quality emergency tree services at a reasonable price!

If your tree has broken, cracked, or fallen over, or it runs the risk of falling and causing harm, then you need emergency tree removal services. We offer 24/7 emergency tree removal and clean-up services in Austin, TX and nearby areas. Call us and we our crew will respond as quickly as possible for storm damage tree removal or downed tree emergencies – including removal of debris.

+1 512 293 8596 – Austin, TX

+1 830 929 9185 – San Antonio, Texas