AJ Tree Service is a fully-licensed tree service company that delivers professional tree removal services, throughout Texas at affordable rates.

We follow the standards established by the International Society of Arboriculture to confirm that each job is completed safely and efficiently. AJ Tree Services has up-to-date equipment, experience, and the expertise to remove any tree in any situation.

The Necessity of Tree Removal

There are many reasons why a tree might need to be removed – safety, location, construction needs, personal preference, tree health, or when a replacement of a more suitable specimen is needed.

However, the most common reason due to which arborists consider tree removal is tree death. Dead or dying trees gradually become weak and brittle causing many safety concerns making tree removal your best decision.

If a tree is in poor shape and its condition is permanent or is beyond treatment, then removal is often the only option, specifically if the disease in question can spread to other trees in the vicinity.

Another common cause for tree removal is construction. Upcoming construction projects can call for the removal of trees. In fact, if a tree is in an unsuitable location, this may also be a reason for complete tree removal in Austin, TX.  

Whatever the situation, our Certified Arborists in Texas can help you pass through this complicated process, and get you the information you need to continue. Be it for reasons of safety, tree health, maintenance issues, or construction projects, AJ Tree Services can help!

Don’t Risk Cutting a Tree Down Yourself, Hire Professionals at AJ Tree Services

It seems simple and comfortable enough to remove a tree completely – particularly a small one – up until you find yourself in the halfway of the project. So, its advised that in all cases, tree removal should be handled by reputable and licensed tree professionals only.

Whatever may be the reason for your tree removal, it should never be executed by a non-professional. AJ Tree Services has all of the proper credentials that you should consider before hiring a tree services company in Texas to remove your trees. This contains being licensed and insured by the state of Texas.

Take our word and 16+ years of experience, it’s almost always more challenging than it looks. If one thing goes wrong, you could be in a great deal of trouble.

Hiring our professional tree removal company in Texas is also significant because even if somehow you managed to remove a tree by yourself,  you must also find a place to put away the removed tree. When you add this to possible dangers, like the tree falling on you or a close by construction, it’s best to consult with our Austin Tree Removal Company.

Complete Tree Removal in Texas – From Inspection to Clean-Up

When a tree becomes old, diseased, or damaged by the wind and weather, it’s best to have it professionally removed before nature takes it down at the worst possible moment. Tree removal is an extremely serious task that may become very dangerous if it is not manoeuvred properly. The experts at AJ Tree Service will take care of the job with precision and finesse. We will also tow away the removed tree for you, leaving you with a clean and tidy area.

If you are not sure whether a tree should be taken down, get in touch with the tree removal experts from AJ Tree Services. We can examine your tree, its situation, and the general condition of your property to decide if a tree removal is necessary. Safety is our main concern. If we see a tree is wobbly, we’ll suggest a removal right away.

Reasons to choose AJ Tree Services for Tree Removal in Austin, TX

Tree removal is more complex than you may assume. It can be risky, and involves trained, certified arborists. The team at AJ Tree Services has the required skills, equipment and is thoroughly prepared for tree removals to make sure the individuals and properties nearby are safe. Call now to schedule an appointment with Austin tree removal experts!

Here are some benefits of hiring AJ Tree Services.

  • Safe and thorough tree removal

We know the best and the safest way for complete tree removal. This leaves your property looking clean and well-cared for.

  • Tree Permits

Certain areas of Austin require Tree Permits to remove a tree over 17 inches (approx. 4 ft up from the ground is where to measure) in diameter (measure the circumference then divide by pi). Rollingwood also restricts the trimming of oak trees to certain times of the year unless a tree is damaged or has caused damage.

  • Saves time and money

Our tree professionals use expert tools and equipment that speeds up the removal process.

  • Insured workers and equipment

We have the required insurance for our employees and clients. We also have leading equipment to run our operations safely. 

  • Post removal Cleaning

Our team will clean up your area after the work is done.

Call Now for Safe and Efficient Tree Removal

Are you looking to remove a tree from your property? AJ Tree Service has the know-how and equipment to carry the removal task safely and affordably. We’ll cut down the tree without causing any harm to you or your property and even toss out all the debris.


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