Now that summer is here and is in full swing, watering your trees properly is one of the most secure ways to keep them green and healthy. When dry or humid conditions continue for an extended period, trees have to depend on their owners for water. According to the Texas Forestry report, they have lost almost 5 million trees in this city alone because of the drought conditions. So, it is highly significant to take care of your trees and nurture them with proper watering. 

According to professional arborists, the water amount that any plant needs is dependent on different factors. These aspects include the species and age of the trees, the season of the year, soil, and weather type. The young or the newly planted trees require frequent watering, care, and Tree Trimming in Austin, TX, compared to the old ones. 

You can do the task of watering all the plants on your property by yourself or hire a professional Tree Services in Austin, TexasThe primary goal of a professional Austin Tree Service Company is to offer enough irrigation to maximize the tree growth and make them healthy. Let us take a quick look at when and how to water trees in the most convenient ways. 

When to water trees?

The top companies for Austin Tree Removal Services check if the soil has moisture or not by taking an 8-inch screwdriver and putting it inside the soil. If the soil is moist, then it will pass. On the other hand, if the soil is dry, you must start watering it. If you cannot even pass at least six inches inside the ground, then begin to water the soil immediately. Never water the plants from 10 AM to 6 PM, which is the hottest time of the day for conserving the water.

Watering new and young plants

After the first few months of planting, most tree roots remain attached to the original one. But with some trees, it already starts growing beyond the surroundings. Keep the surrounding soil and the root balls moist for encouraging healthy growth and development. 

After some months, you can start watering the entire area present under the canopy. It can take more than two complete season cycles to establish itself as a full-grown plant and expand its roots well to venture inside the soil. After going through a hectic schedule, it might be tough to follow the correct watering routine. You can hire specialized tree arborists in Austin, Texas, who will look after your green friend and provide them with supplemental moisture.

During the summer seasons, some new trees require water at least three days a week, while others need water every day for carrying out their usual functions. A professional Tree Services company will ensure that the root ball of your favorite tree never dries out. 

Watering well established and old trees

We all have a misconception the roots of a tree are the duplicate image of what is happening above the ground canopy. The truth is that the roots of a well-established and old tree can expand beyond the drip line or the canopy edge. Some anchor roots can also extend deep into the soil in place of spreading it vertically. They can be 12 to 18 inches deep into the soil.

Professional tree doctorscreate deep irrigation beneath the tree and extend it across the canopy and several feet beyond. You should moisture at least 10 inches of deep soil whenever you water old plants. For prevention of root rot, never apply water directly near the trunk. 

How to water the Trees?

A reputed tree servicing company, also offering Emergency tree Clean-Up in Austin, Texas, waters the plants in the following ways. 

  • Using overhead sprinklers is the best-implemented way for covering up massive areas. An expert from Austin Tree Service Company will apply the water to the tree slowly at the correct soil level. It might take many hours to water a single tree, but it is efficient. It is because half of the water will not evaporate like the overhead sprinklers. 
  • Soaker hoses are another efficient way of watering the trees as they release the water slowly due to their porous characteristic. Companies offering Deep root fertilization circles the tree with a spiral soaker hose and continue it for hours. Sometimes they also use a pressure regulator to increase the efficiency and put less impact on the soaker hose life expectancy.
  • Some Tree service companies, also implement bubblers for watering a plant. These are the hose end equipment to decrease the water velocity. But you must move the bubbler from one place to another since it can water only one particular spot at a time. 

How often to water the trees?

If you are wondering how often to water your plants, this all depends on the soil structure, texture, amount of precipitation, timing, and temperature. If you neglect or do not know how to water the plants, they might end up dead and requires Complete Tree RemovalTo avoid such circumstances, note down the below tips.

  • Trees growing in pots, containers, near the warm surface, sandy or thin soil requires more water
  • Trees growing on heavier soils include high water holding capacity and need low water. Overwatering can cause root diseases, tree withering, or anaerobic soil conditions. 
  • In the growing season, water the trees at least once or twice a week

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